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Glovey Huggey, The Thumb Sucking Solution

Do you have a child that sucks their thumb or fingers?? Have you tried all of the home remedies? Hot sauce is…well…HOT, quinine isn’t available anymore and bribing doesn’t work either. Are you fed up with trying to find new and creative ways to stop thumb sucking??

Well, so was the mom that invented Glovey Huggey. What is so wrong with thumb sucking you may ask?? Aside from the potential spread of germs, thumb sucking can lead to serious dental problems. It can cause anything from bucked teeth to overbites. Many parents have asked their doctors and dentists how to stop thumb sucking and the usual answer is to call attention to it and eventually the child will stop. If that doesn’t work, they may suggest using over the counter methods. These can be expensive or uncomfortable. This is where Glovey Huggey comes in. After trying several other methods to stop thumb sucking, one mom invented Glovey Huggey.

Glovey Huggey works like a thumb guard. Most children who suck their thumbs do so when they get sleepy. Glovey Huggey covers the thumb or fingers so that the child can’t suck on them. Eventually, children won’t even try to suck on the thumb or fingers anymore. It has an adjustable strap as well. Glovey Huggey is $29.99, cheaper than many other products for thumb sucking. Glovey Huggey also comes in different styles so that children will want to wear them. Each order comes with one pair and a free plush toy to promote progress. Order your Glovey Huggey today and thumb sucking will be a thing of the past.

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