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    Apr 2014
    Betty Bad Kitty’s Bedtime Stories, Blame It on the Fly, and Off to Bed Before It’s Too Late

    Good Puppy’s New Children’s Book Shares a Delightful Threat to Put Children to Bed.   Delray Beach, FL, March 28, 2014 –(– In a humorous new children’s picture book, Betty Bad Kitty’s Bedtime Stories, Blame It On The Fly, published by Good Puppy, Marina Tito and Lorenzo Di Alessandro take Betty out of the box […]


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Glovey Huggey, the Thumb Sucking Solution!

Thumb sucking is cute and comforting to the child, but most parents know how frustrating it can be to stop thumb sucking and wonder how to stop thumb sucking. The Glovey Huggey is a safe way to stop this habit and, best of all, kids just love these colorful, whimsical gloves and, as any parent can tell you, the key to getting a child to cooperate with anything is for it to be something they enjoy plus each order comes with a free plush toy as a reward for your little one!

Glovey Huggeys come with a 3-button adjustable wrist band and are available in wide variety of designs and colors. Each order comes with two hand gloves and the gloves themselves allow for a full range of motion. Sets are available in two sizes, ages 2-4 and ages 4-8. Get your Glovey Huggey today and stop thumb sucking!

Here are More Important Reason to Stop Thumb Sucking

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