Pacifier Beats the Thumb for Children

For many years, parents have been wondering how to stop thumb sucking in their children. Cute at first, this is a problem can quickly can extend into a period of stress, frustration and annoyance for all. To help you avoid that problem, though, it might be worth noting that a recent study can help to vindicate your decision. If you have felt bad in the past about your attempts to stop thumb sucking, a recent showcases that it’s better for a child to stuck on a pacifier – or a Glovey Huggey, by extension – than on their own thumbs. Why?

When a child feels sad or nervous, the first thing they want to do is calm down. The best way to do that for many children is go to back to their pre-birth solution of thumb sucking. Done in the womb, it stays as a natural source of encouragement and comfort for a youngster. However, it might be time to get them a pacifier instead.

A pacifier can be less damaging to a child and can also help to stop thumb sucking once and for all. A child will be able to soothe themselves using a pacifier up until the age of three. After this, it might be time to consider what you can do to stop the thumb sucking process.

Why Pacifiers Beats Thumb Sucking

Pacifiers of today are far better for the structural development of the jawbone, and can also minimize the effect on the dental development of a child. Knowing how to stop thumb sucking is important, though, as a child will likely go through a phase post-pacifier where they return to their thumb sucking experience.

A thumb being sucked on a lot will make a child become rather uncomfortable with their teeth. It can cause a negative impact on the development of facial structure and the teeth in general, leading to everything from teeth being out of place to your child having an over or underbite.

When this happens it can be hard to correct without expensive and confidence-sapping dental treatment. Instead, once your child moves beyond the (much safer, more normal) aspect of using a pacifier or a dummy, it might be time to change to a Glovey Huggey.

Smart and stylish, this offers a preventative measure to thumb sucking without ever being alerted to the child. They’ll love their stylish and simple little glove, and will do all that they can to keep it on. If you want to stop thumb sucking at source, then that should be fine by you!

Either way, you will find that giving your child access to a dummy or a pacifier can be a great way to help them feel more comfortable in their early years. Once they reach age three, though, it’s time to remove that crutch and, if they cannot stop sucking on their thumbs, make an investment in a Glovey Huggey for a definitive and lasting solution!