Glovey Huggey Helps Treat Thumb Sucking Blisters

Many parents overcome with the joy when they saw their little angel sucking his or her thumb. However, this delight diminishes with time, and it gets replaced by the fear because they know that consistent thumb sucking is a bad habit and it can be difficult in future to break this habit. Although parents know that kids can develop blisters while sucking thumb, but they hate giving medicines to their kids at very young age. It is horrible to imagine that your child is sitting in high grades and sucking his thumb and the classmates are making fun of the act. That’s why it’s advised to help you, kids, to get rid of this bad habit.

But what are the options for the parents to teach their little ones? They cannot put a bad aid or cream on the thumb as it will become unsafe for the health of the kid. Band-aids can easily become a choking hazard for the kid and cream can have serious side effects of the ingestion. One way to get rid of this habit is to offer your kid a pacifier or something that can distract him/her from sucking thumb. This will keep the child entertained, and he will avoid sucking his thumb. But this is not the permanent solution to the problem.

For the permanent solution, you can consider Glovey Huggey that are designed with the intention to help your child to avoid thumb sucking with a minimum of effort. There are some colors available in the gloves, and they guard the thumbs of the child to help them in quitting the habit. Along with the colors, they are also available in different sizes, and the sizes range from 18 months kid to a ten year old kid. These gloves from Glovey Huggey are different from the other gloves available in the market as they allow full hand movements. Not only your child will love these gloves, but they are also affordable to consider.

Many studies show that thumb sucking can negatively impact a child when he/she grows. Even dentist recommends parents to help their child to quit this habit as it can change the structure of teeth and mouth. This bad habit can lead to improper teeth formation, and there are few other health concerns associated with this habit as well. Germs can easily get into the digestive system of the child. In some cases, the thumb sucking leads to your child’s teeth biting into the flesh of the thumb. This results in separation of flesh from the thumb. This is an unpleasant sight for the parents.

But there is a very simple solution to this severe problem. Just put gloves from the Glovey Huggey on the child’s hand and don’t give him or her easy access to the thumb. Providing a pacifier will not help as it will lead to another bad habit of sucking the pacifier. You have to look for a solution that eliminates this habit. A pacifier will only change the term of the habit, and that’s why dentists don’t recommend it to parents. Although some kids stop this bad habit by themselves as they grow up, but some find it hard to get rid of it. It is recommended not to take a chance and to take proper action in the beginning. Because once it’s developed, then it can be difficult for the parents and child to control it.