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Take a look at our Glovey Huggey & help your little one stop thumb sucking & finger sucking. Made with comfortable material so that your little one can wear them all day. Please keep in mind the gloves are a tool to help assist in stopping finger & thumb sucking. It is not a cure to for finger & thumb sucking, it is still encouraged that parents monitor their children’s finger & thumb sucking habits and try to encourage them to stop thumb sucking.


We’re excited to offer free learning apps for your littles ones from the Dada Company.

They develop original high quality projects and stories which hold the secrets to wowing, entertaining, being fun, exciting and educational. 

Here are the apps you get to pick from. When checking out, let us know which app you want for free and we’ll email you your free activation code.

(For iOS Systems only…sorry)

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Here are a few lines from happy parents about how they were able to have their little ones stop thumb sucking with the help of the Glovey Huggey.

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Doctors & Retail Offices

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