Glovey Huggey, helping one child at a time stop thumb sucking was started by mother of necessity, literally…a mother had a problem with her little son who just won’t stop thumb sucking. She tried other products out there; the nail polish, the band-aids and even the expensive thumb guards. So after several failed products she set out on her own and created the Glovey Huggey.

In the past, devices that help teach youngsters how to stop thumb sucking were intrusive, uncomfortable and often impaired dexterity of the little ones who’s parents were trying to stop the thumb sucking. With the Glovey Huggy, children are able to continue with the adventure of growing while learning how to stop sucking their thumb.

These fun and stylish gloves can be found in varied colors and designs to match your youngster’s taste. They can even be used as an accessory in their wardrobe as they slowly begin to learn how to avoid thumb sucking.

With this unique thumb sucking guard, your child can help to avoid common orthodontic problems which are often associated with teens and adults who were thumb sucking children. These issues include improper mouth growth, misshapen pallets as well as tooth alignment which can often become costly later in life. But the Govey Huggy can help your child avoid all of these problems. These smart thumb guards will help your child eventually learn how to stop sucking thumb and look good doing it..