Why the Glovey Huggey is a better thumb guard

Thumb sucking is something that is done consciously and unconsciously, typically by babies and toddlers. It’s one of the acts that can bring a sense of comfort or pleasure to younger children (usually children under the preschool age). Once the child enters preschool and still desires to suck his or her thumb, risk factors can arise, and caused problems with permanent teeth coming in.

Ways to Stop Thumb Sucking

Parents can try a lot of different ways of how to stop thumb sucking by putting different types of solutions on child’s thumb such as: vinegar, pickle juice, or hot sauce. Most importantly, as a parent discussing the reasons why sucking your thumb isn’t a good idea, will help the child to understand the reason they have to stop. Parents can reward their children for not sucking their thumb and teach them ways of how to stop sucking thumb with interrupting them with other interests. Another technique used to stop thumb sucking is a thumb guard, specifically one called THE Glovey Huggey.

What is the Glovey Huggey

The Glovey Huggey comes in a variety of colors, allows full movement, has 3- adjustable wrist band, comes in two-sizes ( ages 2-4 years old and 4-8 years old) , and is affordable. The thumb guard is away for the child to break the habit to stop thumb sucking and it is not harmful to the child. There are other thumb sucking guard out there but none compares to The Glovey Huggey. The other thumb sucking guards can be very uncomfortable, difficult for the child to maneuver their hand, and usually will look like a medial device. However, the Glover Huggey doesn’t resemble any of those features, and most importantly it is very comfortable to wear.

Thumb sucking can have the appearance to be cute and innocent but in the long run become harmful to the child. Encouraging our children to break a habit of thumb sucking can be worthwhile with the Glovey Huggey thumb sucking guard, while rewarding the children, and using positive reinforcements. In the long run, you as the parent will be happy that the habit had been broken, and the child will be grateful for not having any dental issues caused by sucking their thumb.

$29.99 to stop thumb sucking