Thumb Sucking Q & A

how to stop thumb sucking

Stopping thumb sucking can be a pretty difficult thing to do for children. If you are an adult sucking your thumb, then you need to read this Q+A even more closely! We have found some of the most common questions that are asked about thumb sucking and how it can be stopped so that your child does not cause many of the problems that thumb sucking can bring;

What’s the least effective way to stop thumb sucking?

Ignoring it. It might sound simple, but many parents will simply ignore the symptoms until they become quite bad. They also believe that because it is a very common thing for a child to do, that they will grow out of it.

When do children usually outgrow the habit?

Usually by ages 4 or 5. However, if they are still doing it then you should be looking at some of our solutions to come. At the same time, if your child is excessively doing so then you should consider taking some kind of action.

How serious is thumb sucking?

It can be pretty bad in regards to the child’s teeth. This starts around about the age of 5, and when they start to spring out actual permanent teeth, thumb sucking can lead to an overbite or an open bite. Pressing down on the muscles and the teeth, it can knock your children’s teeth into irregular positions. To avoid years of dental treatment down the line, make sure that do your best to stop this as early as you possibly can.

What is the most common solutions?

The American Dental Association offers a lot of advice regarding this issue and some of their suggestions include praising your child for not sucking their thumb, trying to work out why your child is sucking their thumb (it could be nerves or anxiety) and ensuring your children stay happy and active as a bored child can revert to this type of behavior quite quickly.

However, there is an excellent solution out there in terms of a product that can really help reduce the damage. Children tend to keep sucking on their thumb until they are notified it is a silly habit to get into, but until that time comes there are some great solutions out there for you.

The Glovey Huggey is one such item that offers a solid solution to your child’s thumb sucking issues. Available in a wide array of colors to suit your child, it is sold for ages 2-4 and 4-8 and provides a way to force your child to stop their habit. These gloves are designed to offer 100% functionality and use of your child’s hands, and are very comfortable to wear.

They also cover the thumb so that your child cannot simply keep sucking on their thumb as it is covered. This is a great way to show your child the importance of not sucking their thumb, and also give them a reason to be unable to do so. If you are looking for a fail-proof method of teaching your child the rights and wrongs of thumb sucking, then consider picking up the Glovey Huggey.


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Are anyone else’s little one’s sucking their thumbs? Not sure if I should be trying to stop her or not.

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Our little one has got into a terrible habit of sucking her thumb I try and get her to take her dummy instead as I can take this away however I don’t want thumb sucking to become a habit as I can’t take that away. I’ve tried using mittens however she sucks her thumb through the mittens any suggestions?

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I’m worried sucking his thumb is going to affect his teeth in the future. I’m wondering if I should introduce a dummy instead?

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My son is thumb sucking. Help!

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